Keeping the Christmas Spirit Strong, All Year Long

Christmas 2016 is now far behind us. It’s sad, but true. The spirit of Christmas though—the values of joy, generosity, and spending quality time with loved ones—that’s something worth keeping alive all year long. So today we wanted to share some ideas to keep your Christmas cheer burning bright in the new year.

Get a present for yourself
Did you get everything you ever wanted this Christmas? As an adult, the gift-giving aspect of Christmas ramps up considerably and the gift-receiving…. Well, shall we say it tapers a little? So get yourself something no one thought of, like a book you’ve had your eye on, or maybe one of the awesome classes over at Creativebug. (Like Mr. Crow with his extra large stocking, you can make—and give yourself—exactly what you want!)

Call up a friend
Sometimes the house can feel a little cold after Christmas when all those loved ones leave (even if they can stay that whole Christmas week, as the Hollow Tree friends do). So call up a friend, maybe one you haven’t connected with in a while, and brighten up the day for both of you.

Warm up with a winter cocktail
Christmas may be over, but the cold weather has just begun. Here’s a recipe for a great twist on a hot toddy from Jess Donaldson @rarebirdsweets that uses gin instead of whiskey or brandy. It’s medicinal!

Enjoy this warm and spicy hot toddy, sure to keep spirits bright! Photo © Jess Donaldson / Rare Bird Sweets
Enjoy this warm and spicy hot toddy, sure to keep spirits bright! Photo © Jess Donaldson / Rare Bird Sweets

Spread the warmth
Right around now, your city’s homeless population would really appreciate any coats, blankets, and sleeping bags that you don’t use any more. Your local shelter can tell you the best way to donate.

Listen to the Mr. Dog Podcast
If your family loves Mr. Dog’s Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn, we think you’ll be fans of the Mr. Dog Podcast too! The first episode’s story occurs just after new year’s, so now’s a great time to get started—and the stories follow the animal friends all through the year, so there’s plenty of wonderful listening material for all seasons. (Stay tuned for a few new episodes later this year!)

We’d love to hear from you. What do you do to share Christmas-y joy, generosity, and togetherness all year long?

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